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Does Your Income Match Your Worth?

My business coach looked me dead in the eye and said “You will never make more than you think you’re worth.” Ouch. “until you raise your self worth, your income will stay stuck.” I cried. He was right. I had a hard time feeling WORTHY of charging more for my services. Don’t get me wrong, I was GOOD at what I did. I even had a waiting list of clients that had all come from word of mouth. It was time to raise my prices, but I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it. “So how do I DO that?!” I asked. “It’s all in your mindset training.”

Through working with my coach and my own personal research I learned more about the brain, and how mindset training actually works. The science tells us that we have “two” brains, a conscious brain and an unconscious brain. (well, technically THREE because the gut-brain connection, but that’s another blog post) We recognize and feel the conscious brain. But we can’t feel our unconscious brain, it’s what is telling our hearts to beat and our lungs to breathe. We also store messages there - all the messages we’ve gathered since childhood are there and help to keep us safe. Think about it, how do we KNOW not to touch the hot stove? Either we were taught that it would hurt from someone else, or we learned it by touching it in the past. Now we just know not to touch it. Our unconscious brains tell us not to touch it and we don’t feel that thought process at all. SO COOL!

But sometimes our unconscious brain is keeping us from moving forward while trying to keep us safe. We may say that we want to make $10,000/month. We might even write it down in our business goals. But if we BELIEVE that we are only worth $3000/month, it’s very hard for us to create more income than that. We may have a really good month, and even be really excited about having made say $4000 that month, but for some reason the next few months are back to $3000 or less. WHY?! Our unconscious brains are storing that message that we are only worth $3000, and affecting our decisions and actions without us even feeling it.

Stay with me here, as cool as it is that our brains keep us alive without us even trying, it’s even cooler that we can retrain our brains, REWRITE those limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves with a little mindset training.

Back to my business and needing to raise my prices. My coach helped me decide on a number that I wanted to make each month, along with what that would mean for my prices. Then BEFORE changing my prices, we created very specific affirmations around these numbers. For three months I spoke these affirmations to myself three times a day. And when it was time to announce my new pricing, not only was I EXCITED instead of worried about what my clients would do, but my clients were excited for me too! In the first month I EASILY made the numbers from my affirmations, and was able to maintain this income.

Affirmations are not magic (even though they sure do feel like it!). But they help us change those stored messages we can’t even feel. And because they are tapping into that unconscious brain, it is super important that we write them in a very specific way. Since our brains are there to protect us, they don’t welcome change easily. When we let ourselves become inconsistent with our mindset training, we can get right back into our stuck ways. That’s why I recommend everyone work with a coach, even coaches like me need a coach!

In my Limitless Lifestyle Coaching program, we work with you to create affirmations, give you journal prompts and ways to practice self care and connection with others. Our online community supports, encourages and holds each other accountable so that we stay consistent to reach our own personal and business goals. If you’re struggling to up your self worth, to start charging and making what you’re worth, to keep self care at the top of your to-do list, we’d love to work with you!

Hether Crawford is based in Nashville, TN, and offers in-person classes and special events in the Nashville area. You can work with Hether from anywhere through her virtual Group Coaching Program and 1:1 Virtual Coaching Sessions.

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